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Charity Events

Scholarship of Shandong Agricultural University

From the year of 2002 on, Lubachem offered “Mu-Zhao” Postgraduate scholarship, Luba Scholarship and Luba financial aid.

On Dec. 22, 2002, the first “Mu-Zhao” Postgraduate scholarship was awarded in Shandong Agricultural University. It was named after Professor Mr.Mu Liyi and Luba President Mr. Zhao Yan.46 students were awarded that year.

7 years till now, Luba offered RMB 50,000.00 every year to award the excellent students Majoring in Crop Protection, stimulating them to improve themselves in all aspects, meanwhile, Luba was better-known by the university and students, more outstanding graduates entered Luba Group after they finish their studies.

Lubachem donated poor students

  We learnt that in the town where our factory is located, there are many students with economic difficulties because of their poor families, we contacted the leaders of the town initiatively and donated them to go on with study, hoping the little favor will prevent them from stopping schooling and change their fate.

Luba built the road of Licheng District of Jinan.

  To supporting the local construction, in the year of 2006, Luba spent RMB 900,000.00 to build the road of 20000M2.

Earthquake Relief in May of 2008

  On May. 12, 2008, the serious earthquake happened, facing with the natural hazard, Chinese people made joint efforts to help the injured. Lubachem held the endowments drives 5 days later. All the employees were liberal with money to help, even those who were on business trip outside also called the headquarter asking for endowments. Luba had a donation of RMB 112,230.00 in total. The funds were submitted to Jinan Red Cross and other related organizations, we hoped our compatriots would build their house again asap.

Lubachem endowed for Tangwang town Sunshine Livehood Salvation Promoting Association

  Tangwang town Sunshine Livehood Salvation Promoting Association was established on May. 22, 2010, Mr. Zhang ZhaoYong, the Vice General Manager of Lubachem attended the establishing ceremony and donated RMB 10,000.00 on behalf of Lubachem.

Lubachem was awarded as “Charity Star”

Lubachem endowed RMB 100,000.00 in the activity of “Donation for one day”held by Jinan Charity Federation and was awarded as “Charity Star”.